To create a better world for both pet owners and pets themselves.

At PAIRSKOI, our mission is to become the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents everywhere. We view pets (and pet parents) as family and are obsessed with meeting their needs and exceeding customer expectations through every interaction.

Launched in Anhui, China in 2020, we can offer the Customized service for your pets. Customers love shopping our wide selection of products, which we offer at fair prices, worldwide shipping and around-the-clock convenience that only e-commerce can offer.

PAIRSKOI commitment to customer service is the core of our brand, and our customers love us for it. As an e­-commerce company, product innovation drives our operations, and our team is constantly striving to find new and better ways to improve our customers’ experience. From an easy­ to­ navigate website to detailed order tracking, we are transforming the way pet parents shop.

Our mission is to help pet owners around the world care better for their pets so they can be healthier, happier and live longer.
Because we deeply care about animals, we want only the best for them. To ensure excellence in everything we do, we employ a rigorous flow of production. When we publish product selection, we first have one or two members of our team- who are already experienced at a given product -delve deep into the topic, so they can be on top of all trends and possible updates Then, they read and take into account various consumer reviews available on the Internet, so they can have a more balanced opinion on a product. Finally, they consult with several veterinarians and animal experts to ensure all facts are checked. We believe this process creates the best results, both in pet care advice and product recommendations and that it allows our customers to choose the right products consistently.

QUALITY: We use quality materials and top-of-the line manufacturing to ensure pets's health. Giving you peace of mind.

FUNCTION: Each feature pet product is designed thoughtfully to be the most functional of its kind.

MANUFACTURE: We purchase high quality raw materials from all over the world and cooperate with factories all over the world to produce the best products.

SUSTAINABILITY: We do our best to utilize materials that reduce our impact on the environment and the people working with them.